How to Make Deodorant – Shea Butter

How to Make Deodorant – Shea Butterhow to make deodorant - shea butter

In this post I will be showing you reasons why learning how to make deodorant at home using shea butter is such an important part of the process. Shea Butter is derived from the nut of trees found in African called Shea Trees. The technical way of looking at it is that Shea Butter is actually a triglyceride (commonly known as a fat) which is mainly derived from a couple of acids called stearic and oleic acids. I am focused on the main uses of Shea butter and their application in learning how to make deodorant at home so if you are interested in the technical details I suggest you use Wikipedia or Google to learn more. Shea Butter is a complex fat that melts at body temperature which has its advantages for us in how to make deodorant.

How to Make Deodorant – Why Use Shea Butter?

The main reason why we use shea butter when teaching others how to make deodorant at home is that it is perfect for maintaining healthy skin. I will get into a few more details in the next section however at this stage of the blog I would hope that you are noticing that all the ingredients on this blog and those that we promote in our ebook focused on the process of how to make deodorant as well as other relevant information about these natural ingredients, are all healthy for your skin. That’s the whole point really. Learning how to make deodorant at home naturally is such a wise investment of your time for that very reason which is to ensure your health continues to prosper.

How to Make Deodorant - Shea Butter NutHow to Make Deodorant – Why is Shea Butter Good for My Skin?

Shea butter is not just an awesome ingredient in learning how to make deodorant at home. Did you know that shea butter is also used in many medicinal ointments? The naturally occurring chemical components of shea butter are often used in other products for their anti-inflammatory properties. You would note there is a common theme in the ingredients that we promote that anti-inflammatory benefits are a frequent property of the natural ingredients that we use in the process of learning how to make deodorant. Shea Butter is also an excellent emollient (just a fancy name for a moisturizer and because it is derived from a nut you can rest assured that nature has looked after us and its safe!

What stuck me as another amazing quality of shea butter is that it actually has some capacity to protect our skin from UV rays from the sun. You may suggest that this isn’t a huge benefit for those learning how to make deodorant at home naturally and I would have to agree. On that note, let me be the first to say that although it is better than nothing, I wouldn’t get too excited and start lathering up with shea butter before a day at the beach but its just good to know that if you stood over a mirror that was reflecting sunlight under your arms, you would be glad to have known that you were wearing your own home made deodorant that morning.

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