How to Make Deodorant – Bees Wax

How to Make Deodorant – Bees WaxHow to Make Deodorant - Bees Wax

In this post I will explain to you why we use beeswax in learning how to make deodorant. Most of us know about the health benefits of honey which is the bees most notable claim to fame. Honey has many ways of improving our health if consumed or put on our bodies. Bees produce bees wax and use it to build honeycomb which stores honey and also houses their young. Unlike honey however, beeswax is not very nice to consume but it is great in our use of how to make deodorant! Read on.

When learning how to make deodorant you will find many natural recipes that incorporate the use of bees wax. Now before I ever started learning how to make deodorant at home myself I was very interested about this ingredient because I had never heard of its use in home made products before. I want to share what I have learned about this wonderful natural ingredient with you!

How to Make Deodorant – Why Use Bees Wax?

Essential to a good natural deodorant is a quality consistency. In learning how to make deodorant in solid form, beeswax is a core ingredient for providing a nice and smooth texture to a lot of the recipes I have written about in The Complete Guide to Making Natural Deodorant at Home ebook available for purchase on our home page. To read more about my ebook click here.

How to Make DeodorantHow to Make Deodorant – Why is Bees Wax Good For My Skin?

Bees waxhas many non-allergenic properties which make it a valuable skin protector from various airborne allergies. When using bees wax in out how to make deodorant recipes you will also benefit from its mild anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial qualities.

One of the best reasons why I teach people how to make deodorant using bees wax is because it is so useful as a skin treatment in general.  Bees wax contains hydrating ingredients and vitamin A which lock in moisture that actually helps to soften our skin giving it a lovely fresh look and feel. In our daily lives our skin gets exposed to a range of non-desirable chemicals and pollution in the air which can have a negative impact on the healthiness of our skin. You may already know that Vitamin A helps to rehydrate dry skin which can lose a lot of moisture because of the daily lives we lead. Another reason why I love using bees wax when teaching people how to make deodorant is because it actually aids our skin in cell reconstruction.

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