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If you have been looking for a way to improve your health, live a sustainable life and save money then this could be the most important page that you read all year!

You see, I too used to be completely stressed out about my families health when we were using harmful commercial deodorants while trying to find a natural, cost effective alternative that kept my family safe.

But not anymore!

My name is Joanne Borda and I am ‘the sustainability nerd’ who helps others keep their family healthy and save money at the same time.

I, like you, have spent most of my life looking for a safe, natural alternative to commercial deodorants that would allow me to finally keep my family safe from harmful chemicals and not have to mortgage my house to do so!

Unfortunately, because I live such a busy life, I was shocked when I was told that even shop bought ‘natural’ deodorants were always going to be ridiculously expensive because the market for them was too small.

But, being a ‘sustainability nerd’ wasn’t going to stop me!

I followed all of the basics I’d learned from every green living and sustainability magazine I could find. I trawled the internet for natural alternatives, bought all the natural deodorants I could spend my hard earned money on and listened to every health and sustainable living ‘expert’ who offered advice…but nothing worked!

Then, I discovered the cold hard truth about why I simply couldn’t find any reasonably priced natural deodorants that wouldn’t cause my family any health problems in the future. And here it is…

Why Not Learn How To Make Deodorant At Home?

A fantastic way to keep your family safe from the harmful chemicals used in commercial deodorants and to stop spending a fortune on them is to learn how to make deodorant at home.

I know thats what  I  decided to do.HomeMade Deoderant Beeswax image

Initially I thought the ‘free’ recipes claiming to show me how to make deodorant provided by green and sustainable living websites would be enough to get me started. So I trawled the internet looking for these ‘free’ recipes that would save me money and allow me to share my new found wisdom about how to make deodorant with my family and friends.

It was a shocking realisation when I found out that all the websites advertising ‘free recipes’ were pretty much all the same and the information provided was hit and miss at best!

First of all, the sites seemed to offer the same basic and tired old recipes on how to make deodorant that were like getting vanilla ice cream with no topping even though you had asked for chocolate with whipped cream and crushed nuts!

Even worse – the information about the ingredients they were suggesting to use left a lot to the imagination. Back then it was my first time making deodorant, I needed reassurance that the ingredients I was using would be improving my families health not just swapping harmful commercial deodorants for unsafe backyard concoctions. For example…


My Experiments With Free Internet

Deodorant Recipes Were A Disaster!


My personal favourite was from a website that claimed their gel deodorant would be the ‘…answer to my prayers.’ It was more fun pretending it was jelly on a plate than clogging up our armpits with it!

The most frustrating experience was not being warned about the melting temperatures of the ingredients. One day I came home from work to find my deodorants had turned into liquid and leaked all over the bathroom floor – where was the heads up on that one!?

But this one takes the cake! My husband still reminds me about the time I used a little too much bicarb soda – which the recipe definitely didn’t warn me about – I nearly turned our kitchen into a spa bath!


Needless to say I soon found out that the half baked ideas on these types of websites were not helping my cause!

But that wasn’t going to stop me! I wanted to live a healthier life and save money – I was determined to find recipes that were safe, healthy and kept more money in my pocket! So I decided to create a comprehensive guide about how to make deodorant at home and better yet – how to make deodorant 100% naturally!

Homemade Deodorant Coconut Open ImageAfter all, I already knew from the countless hours I had been in discussion with my naturopath that essential oils and natural ingredients have a whole host of beneficial effects on our bodies – there was no reason why I couldn’t combine these into convenient to use deodorant sticks and sprays that could be used every day instead of polluting our bodies with aluminium!


Well it took me about 2 months to perfect the art of how to make deodorant naturally at home and I ended up having to cut a number of recipes out of my final list because they simply didn’t measure up.


Quick Results Encouraged Me To Persist…

As I kept testing and tweaking the ratio of ingredients and throwing away the dodgy recipes – I had soon discovered over 30 different blends on how to make deodorant in 2 specific categories!

My husband never minded trialling my new recipes – within 3-4 days of discontinuing the use of his ‘Old Faithful’ commercial deodorants and using my naturally home made deodorants – that annoying rash he had was gone for good! And with the money we were saving I learned how to make deodorant at home – he is planning our next holiday!

I was overjoyed when I had finally compiled the best and most comprehensive collection of how to make deodorant recipes I had ever seen!


But I Didn’t Stop There!

If my frustrations with the websites promoting bland old recipes on how to make deodorant and the lack of usable ingredient information had taught me anything, it was that I needed to include comprehensive and factual information about the ingredients that I was using.


So I tirelessly researched every single ingredient that I used in how to make deodorant and put together a massive glossary of ingredients! While I was at it I was inspired to do the same for the essential oils I was using too!


The end result is an ebook on how to make deodorant I can share with my family and friends that will educate them on the safest alternatives to nasty commercial deodorants. My husband and I will never go back! Why would we? We are keeping our bodies healthier and saving our hard earned cash at the same time!

What’s more – whenever we have friends over we hear them ask ‘What are those cool looking bottles are in your bathroom?’ When we tell them that we learned how to make deodorant ourselves and they are totally impressed! Ding ding ding – birthday and Christmas presents solved!

And what a hit they have been as gifts!

I’ve Filled Over 34 Pages With The

Exact Information You Need On How

To Make Deodorant At Home!

How To Make Deodorant eBook Cover ImageWhen you’re ready to learn how to make deodorant at home naturally, safely and for a fraction of the cost of harmful commercial deodorants,what you need is a resource that doesn’t just give copies of the same old recipes on how to make deodorant that don’t provide any information about their ingredients that everyone else has. 

What’s the point in boring old recipes on how to make deodorant that everyone (including your neighbours goldfish) is using?

What you need is real tips and sound advice so you can figure out how to make deodorant and:


    • Properly care for even the most sensitive underarms using calming natural ingredients to avoid nasty rashes and itchiness.
    • Keep your family safe by understanding the amazing health benefits of natural ingredients and knowing how to use them.
    • Easily avoid potentially damaging effects of those dangerous chemicals found in shop bought commercial deodorants.
    • Heighten the effectiveness once you know how to make deodorant by using naturally fragrant essential oils.
    • Discover the thrill of taking back control of your families health by learning how to make deodorant at home!
    • Benefit from the potent natural power of using essential oils by understanding the powerful health properties these oils contain.

    In Addition To These Massive

    Benefits, Check Out The Additional

    Bonuses You Can Enjoy!

    • Learn when to use and blend essential oils that will keep your family as dry as possible.
    • Enjoy a sweet smelling natural deodorant that literally skyrockets your self esteem by knowing how to mix all natural ingredients into beautiful fragrant deodorants.
    • Treat your loved ones to natural luxury by creating safe and fresh natural deodorants with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.
    • Soothe yourself with calming ingredients and enjoy that sweet scent of your favourite essential oil blend to keep your underarms dry!
    • Easily create totally safe and beautifully scented natural deodorants by understanding how essential oils work.

 The Most Comprehensive

“How To Make Natural Deodorant”

Recipe Ebook Available

On The Internet. Period.

If you were to visit all the websites I have visited, read all the books I’ve read, study the training programs I have studied and spoken to all the ‘experts’ I have paid to speak with…you could easily invest over $1,000 just in costs alone to learn how to make deodorant.

Depending on the value you place on your time…your investment to learn how I’ve learned how to make deodorant could be many thousands of dollars.

That is why the 30+ proven and safe recipes on how to make deodorant I have carefully laid out in my e-book “How To Make Deodorant” would be a huge bargain at a price of $197 or even $297…just a fraction of the costs I’ve incurred.

But I’m offering to you an all natural solution to your families ongoing health essential to avoid the harmful effects of commercial deodorants and keep more money in your pocket for an unbelievable price of just $59.95. That is less than $1 a day for the 2 months I spent testing and perfecting my 30+ proven and safe recipes.


But Get This!

I will give you a 50% discount – yes thats right – you will receive “How To make Deodorant” for just $29.95! But only if you order before midnight tonight and provide me an honest testimonial about the ebook!

Because this is the first release my new ebook I am offering it at 50% off the regular price to those customers who are prepared to provide me with an honest testimonial about “How To make Deodorant”. Now I know that at $29.95 this is an absolute bargain and you could easily forget to email me your tesimionial once you get so caught up by how to make deodorant and how good the ebook really is, so I am relying on your honesty!

But you had better be quick!Once I have enough testimonials the 50% discount will no longer be available. Read more about this amazing offer at the bottom of this page.


Three Additional

Super Bonuses Valued

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FREE, Just For Learning

How To Make Deodorant!


Just to sweeten the pot, I’ve also decided to include three very detailed free super bonuses that will give you a good jump-start towards learning how to make deodorant and making even more natural remedies that will save you even more money!


How To Make Deodorant - GlossarySUPER BONUS #1:

(Regular Price:$49.95)

Comprehensive “Glossary of Natural Ingredients and Essential Oils”

Did you know that the secret to sustainable living and making your own natural products is not just to throw together a few natural ingredients and hope for the best…it’s the knowledge to understand exactly how each of the ingredients actually works to improve your health. And with this easy to read Glossary of Ingredients and Essential Oils, all you need to do is refer to any of the ingredients listed in alphabetical order to find out exactly what they can do for you…

This Super Bonus ebook contains explanations of over 55 natural ingredients and essential oils! It also includes a very handy section on how best to blend essential oils to produce AMAZING results! The perfect guide to help you learn how to make deodorant at home!

Put together by yours truly, I knew from my own extensive experience that it was essential to know what each ingredient and essential oil contained and how they worked. Natural ingredients and essential oils have a multitude of uses for sustainable living. With the knowledge contained in this new ebook – you can save even more money by using them for different purposes all around your home!

How to make deodorant SUPER BONUS #2:

(Regular Price:$29.95)

Handy Hints, Frequently Asked Questions and More!

While compiling and testing my recipes with friends and family I have put together plain and simple answers to the most commonly asked questions about how to make deodorant at home along with an additional Handy Hints section all in one easy to read eBook! I put this one together to help you out when you just want to know!

Do you have some questions about itchy underarms? Wondering what essential oils are best? Want to know what alternative ingredients substitute coconut oil? How else could you use bi carb soda and vinegar? This ebook contains 9 answers to frequently asked questions such as these and more and 9 additional premium handy hints that are sure to give you the added edge when you want to learn how to make deodorant naturally at home.

I have even thrown in the links to the websites I used to educate myself and purchased my supplies from while I learnt how to make deodorant! One of the most important links I have included tells you exactly how harmful some of the ingredients in commercial deodorants can really be. You cant afford to miss this one!

 How To Make DeodorantSUPER BONUS #3:

(Regular Price:$27.95)

5 + 2 Bonus Recipes – How to make Rose Water, Orange

Blossom Water, Orange Essential Oil and more!

If you love to make deodorant at home then you will simply love this short and sweet eBook containing the recipes shown below.

The really cool thing about these recipes is that you can then incorporate them into your own deodorants and save even more money! Armed with the knowledge in this eBook you will easily be able to make some of these prime ingredients and oils to use in your favourite recipes about how to make deodorant!

    • Cornflower Extract
    • Cornflower Water
    • Orange Essential Oil
    • Orange Blossom Water (2 different techniques!)
    • Rose Water (2 different techniques!)

“You Literally Have NOTHING To Lose

When You Try Out These Recipes!”

If your still not 100% sure that these 30+ recipes about how to make deodorant naturally that you can easily make yourself at home will keep your family healthier and keep more money in your pocket, let me put you completely at ease with my unconditional guarantee…

If you take the first step to claiming your copy of “How To Make Deodorant” but can’t immediately put the recipes and comprehensive glossary of ingredients and essential oils to use and learn how to make deodorant at home to improve your families health and save money at the same time, just let me know.

I will instantly send you an immediate refundeven if it’s a year from today (or even longer) I’ll even let you keep the $107.85 worth of bonuses as my way of saying thank you for at least trying to learn how to make deodorant naturally at home…

It’s that simple.



  Lets Summarize What You Are Getting Here:


How To Make Deodorant eBook Cover Image

How To Make Deodorant eBook

‘The Complete Guide To Making Natural Deodorant At Home’

(Regular Price: $59.95)

How To Make Deodorant - Glossary

Comprehensive Glossary Of

Natural Ingredients And Essential Oils

(Regular Price: $49.95)

How to make deodorant

Handy Hints And Frequently

Asked Questions Guide eBook

(Regular Price: $29.95)


How To Make Deodorant

5 + 2 Bonus Recipes – How To Make Rose

Water, Orange Blossom Water, Orange

Essential Oil And more!

(Regular Price: $27.95)

So that is a total real value of $167.80

For only $29.95



 “Start Learning How To Make Deodorant

At Home In The Next Five Minutes…”

The choice is yours: you either want to improve your families health and save money at the same time or you don’t. If you don’t, good luck with whatever it is that you choose to do.

But if you’re serious about keeping your family safe from the harmful chemicals used in commercial deodorants and saving money at the same time, then you really only have one choice. Whip out your wallet, and invest the $29. You’ve literally got nothing to lose.

But remember…

…the longer you wait, the longer you and your family will be paying for the privilege of putting harmful chemicals into your body. Completely unnecessarily.

So let’s get started.

Remember. If you’re not thrilled with my 30+ all natural deodorant recipes about how to make deodorant, just let me know within the next year, pay nothing, and keep the $107.85 Super Bonus Package – that’s a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.

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